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Bag / String bag - Meaning of Dream

If you walk with a string bag in your dream, it is an indication that you can be happy with small things, and you don’t care about the fashion.

The dream where you lose your string bag means that soon you will need to take care of something or somebody.

On halfway to something you understand that you carry a string bag instead of regular bag, it means that you will be disappointed because of unfulfilled expectations.

If you decided to steal somebody’s string bag you will suffer because of mood swings.

If you open a door and see empty string bag on your porch, it means that you shouldn’t be so kind and responsive, otherwise some fellow man can hurt your feeling.

In case, you carry money and documents not in the briefcase but in a string bag, in reality you will run into a situation from which you will make the main conclusion - everything in this world is relative and there is no silver lining.

If in your dream you are walking with a shopping bag in a hand, it means that in real life you prefer simple pleasures, not fashionable in the modern world.

You leave a house with an elegant fashion bag or folder, and on the way you notice an old string bag in your hands, this dream means that your expectations are groundless, circumstances may turn against you.

You walk into an elevator and find an abandoned shopping bag, and notice wads of money or valuables sticking out of it, but you do not pay attention to it and quietly leave the elevator - some people are trying to catch you in bad performance of duties and slander.

Somebody rings a bell of your apartment, and when you open the door, you find a string bag thrown on the floor, the dream says that you will suffer from own kindness and compassion. Be ready for a heavy blow associated with loved ones.

If your baby starts a scandal, because he/she doesn’t want to go to school with a shopping bag, requiring a fashionable bag, it means that you got messed with problems piled up on you; this dream indicates nervous overload.

You sit in the transport and feel like something is dripping at you from a shopping bag, which a near standing passenger holds over you - you will get a warning that the circumstances are not profitable for you.

You walk down the street in a good mood, suddenly you dart off, pull a string bag from a passer’s hands and run away, this dream means that you are prone to mood swings, a victim of momentary desires. This dream warns that you can lose everything by doing one wrong thing.