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Bailer - Meaning of Dream

A bailer (bucket) is a harbinger of good luck. After such a dream the fortune will favour you. If the dreamer has children, they will bring him/her inexhaustible joy.

If you see yourself scooping any liquid with bailer, the interpretation of such a dream will depend on the liquid. So if, for example, you see clean water or cool juice, you can be sure of good future. If the fluid was dirty, spoiled, or foul-smelling, then you may have health problems or financial difficulties.

Rusty, leaky, or broken bailer portends adverse changes in the life of a dreamer. These changes will be related to serious financial losses, and can lead to poverty.

If you see a stranger striking you over your head with a bailer, it is likely that you will encounter unpleasant incident, or a conflict that could lead to a fight. The same dream for unmarried man is a prediction that his wife will be a woman with bad and scandalous temper.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you accidentally drop a bailer into a village well, it tells that you have to get ready for unpredictable events. Most likely, they will be related to your business sphere. For a girl, this dream is interpreted differently - she will have a rendezvous with the future partner in life.

If you dream that you drink out of a bailer, it states that you think a lot about the body contacts, which are forbidden for you.

If you see muddy water in a bailer, this is a bad dream that foretells deep depression. The reason for such a state will be an attempt of detractors to discredit your good name. If you dream of a wooden bailer, then your reputation in the eyes of the people around will be flawless. You will deserve respect and be able to rise own authority to unprecedented heights.