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Bakery - Meaning of Dream

If on Friday night you dreamed of a hard work at the bakery, this dream warn you about some problems and troubles that lurk your close people. If you walked inside a bakery, the dream suggests that very soon you will experience an overwhelming desire to transform your home. Most likely, you will buy new modern furniture, which will radically change the interior of your apartment. A similar dream on Tuesday night foretells some good news – you are going to buy a new home very soon.

Empty bakery and shelves without products predict the situation in which you will make a lot of effort to solve the problem suddenly appeared in your life. Unfortunately, all of your desperate attempts will not give any expected results. A dream on Wednesday night as if you are buying bread, means that in reality you will meet a person who would later become your best friend. You can be sure - he'll never let you down.

In Miller’s dream book if you are amazed by variety of product in bakery, it is a harbinger of prosperity and success. If bakery was completely empty - all your efforts to achieve something in life will be, alas, in vain. If you are a happy owner of a large bakery in which the fire started suddenly, it means that in reality you purposefully take responsible actions. Do not stop, work hard and you are sure to get a well-deserved reward.

If you buy bread at the bakery and notice that the seller had dirty cotton gloves, this dream predicts that women in your life play the major role. It seems that you are very sensual man, and can’t resist attractive girls. Be careful, at least sometimes get distracted by other things; otherwise you will find yourself in a dead end without ability to get to smooth water. For women, this dream foretells her doubts about own beauty because of the behavior of her loved one.

In a dream you eat a bun, it means that very soon you will get a deserved reward for your efforts.

To see somebody else eating a bun means that he/she will receive big sum of money, the part of which will go to you.

If you see a soft bun, it is a sign of upcoming richness; stale bun is a sign of difficult task, which will be generously paid for.

To buy a bun in a dream means that your material state will improve a lot.

If you cut a bun, in real life you will need to accumulate funds.

If you bake buns in a dream, it means that you will have to work hard, that is how you are going to get big profit.

Buns with poppy seeds are a sign of romantic date, unexpected presents, and good mood.

A dream with dry and not fresh buns means that you will have not interesting but high-paid job.