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Ball / Dance - Meaning of Dream

A dream about a ball is a good sign, but only in case you see a ball full of beautiful people in gorgeous dresses dancing with magical music.

To see a fairytale ball with antique costumes means that you lose your head in the rush for unnecessary dreams. You need to stop flying in the skies and start acting.

In a dream you take part in the celebration of some events, you hear charming music and people in nice clothes dance around you – in reality it is a good sign, you will be lucky. But if you feel lonely in such a dream – in real life you need to pay more attention to your family.

If you stand lonely in a corner and wait for somebody to call you for a dance, it means that you need to think over your life and maybe change your views. It might be something wrong in your life, once you feel lonely in a big group of people in your dream.

In a dream you prepare to go to a ball – in real life you want to manage your affairs with the help of a powerful person. The dream interpreter tells you not to rely too much on anybody. It is better to gain everything with own efforts, still never refuse help.

If you come back home from a ball, it means that difficult times, when you wasted all your energy, now finish. Now it is time for long waited relaxation, you need to use this time with wisdom and restore all your power, in order to begin new deals.

To dance in a company of happy people, means to have a good time without troubles in real life.

A dream, where you organize a ball at home, means that very soon you will celebrate some event in your house.

If you got invited to a ball in a dream, you will receive pleasant news. If you were not invited to a ball – good events will occur with your relatives.