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Ball - Meaning of Dream


If you see a ball in the dream as a present to you, it means that most likely you will receive news that will give you the opportunity to resolve any interesting problem; whether it is problem at work or relationships with people around.

Direct analogy with the ball in many cults, it is planets that surround Earth or luminaries, for example, the sun or the moon. Everyone knows that they have a huge impact on humanity; therefore if you receive a ball, which someone is handing you, means that, you will gain power. In many cultures, the ball is also a divine symbol in both pagan beliefs and various Christian religions. Therefore, you can assume "children's toy" in the dream as some kind of a blessing of God.

Ball has perfectly round shape and can be thrown up in the air, bringing the feeling of delight. People start playing a ball in childhood and as they grow older they abandon this game and very rarely remember of games with a ball.

When an adult dreams that he/she throws the ball or plays football, volleyball, tennis and other games with other people, it means that there is a lot of positive, bright youthful energy, and his/her perception of recent situation is clean enough and childish shrewdly.

The ball having a circular shape represents a grand and positive start, to dream of a ball, means to see the situation fully from all sides and evaluate it, considering every detail.

Ball symbolizes the future, it is as bright as a symbol of the cross, but is only associated with suffering.

A dream, in which you give the ball to a stranger or it rolls away, indicates that in the near future there will be a situation in which you stop understanding what is happening.

Fast moving game with a ball, that captures you in the dream, means that your energy helps you to cope with difficulties in daily life with the ease, as it was in the game.

The ball personifies also dreamer’s contacts with people in everyday communication. Sometimes, the ball becomes a symbol, signal of a desire to change job and social circle. Such dream hints you that everyday routine does not bring as much joy, as when you play game with a ball.

The attempt to escape back in own childhood and times of carelessness, may be a signal for a change in the reality to which a person has to be prepared. Anyone who wanted to know what the ball in the dream means, needs to analyze state of own affairs, and if everything is good in life, then dream foretells only the best.

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