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Ballerina - Meaning of Dream

Ballerina in a dream means dissatisfaction in love relationship, which will lead to situation where you understand that you don’t feel anything to your partner.

If you talk to ballerina in a dream, it means that you will try to resist your frivolousness.

In a dream you see how ballerina stumbles with embarrassment, it means that in real life you will encounter failures.

If you see how a ballerina dies on a stage – it is a prognostic of a big mental catastrophe.

In a dream you see a ballerina dancing her part – be ready for unusual acquaintance with outstanding personality. Don’t be surprised if some stranger will approach you in order to get acquainted with you. Even if he is wearing strange clothes and asks you nonsense questions, don’t be wary. If you stay calm and react amicably, everything will be good.

If you were admired by ballerina dance in a dream, it means that you pay too much attention to unnecessary things, which don’t play any role in your life. Maybe you met somebody recently and now you think that this person is very important to you. In reality this acquaintance is just an episode in your life, and soon you will forget about it.

To dance together with ballerinas means that soon you will be in a group of loud and funny people, it’s possible that you meet an old friend.

For a woman, to dance a ballet in a dream means that soon she will have a short-term but very passionate love intrigue with a married man.

For a man to see a ballerina in a dream – is a bad sign. His beloved woman is attracted by somebody else.

Ballerina is a symbol of adultery, temporary setbacks, acquaintance with an interesting person, but also it is a symbol of the meeting with old friends. A dream with a ballerina or a theatrical performance can be interpreted in different ways.

For example, if you see yourself in a theater with your husband (partner), it is a harbinger of treason. It is likely that you don’t even realize that this romantic love affair has begun long time ago.

The same can be said about such a dream seen by a man. In this case, a traitor will be his woman. If a ballerina is young, it means that a lover of your traitor is also very young.

If a ballerina slips or falls during the performance, it is a sure sign of a failure. You need to prepare for possible failures both in a personal and business life. Of course, it doesn’t mean the collapse, but still it is not very enjoyable.

If you dream of a ballerina who dances surprisingly well and captivates with her presentation, it is a positive signal. Usually, it is interpreted as the opportunity to meet with a very unordinary person.

Finally, if you dance in the surrounding of ballerinas, it means that you will meet lots of new friends.