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Ballet - Meaning of Dream

Ballet in the dream is a symbol of betrayal, the attention of the people around, interference in personal affairs and low self-esteem. Ballet performance is a very interesting and exciting show. Even the adversaries of such performance, if they look closer to the party, understand the subtlety of this art.

However, in matters of a dream, ballet is often a bad sign, which may portend treason, especially if ballerina and choreographer in your dream perform their burning dance together.

To know the answer to the question, what ballet means in your dream, you need to know and memorize the details of the whole dream. These words you might have heard from esoteric or people who are engaged in deciphering dreams.

You can scroll the dream again and perhaps remember that you saw the dream about debut performance. In this case, the dream can be considered as positive, because it symbolizes the attention of someone of close relatives or friends, or maybe your boss will finally estimate your efforts and work. Perhaps these relationships will be patronizing.

If the ballet in your dream was boring and not interesting, and you didn’t want to sit and watch it, the dream means that you will have obstacles on your way to success. After such dream, in the coming days, your fingers are all thumbs, and you will experience increased distraction and forgetfulness. This situation will cause dissatisfaction of your boss at work, and a little swearing in the family. However, this mini "curse" will not last very long, and after a couple of weeks everything will return back to normal.

Excessive admiration of a ballet in a dream is not the best sign. After a while a person will necessarily experience the development of the inferiority complex. In such a way the ballet in the dream can only spoil the dreamer’s mood. Especially, it is important to avoid such complexes before responsible performances and events that may affect your studies or career. You should try to be always optimistic in life.

Dance in the dream, is a symbol of desire with sexual overtones. Seen dancing in a dream, is a good sign. As in real life, it symbolizes ease, good mood, release from tension; as well as first-class entertainment and carefree life. It is very important to remember who the main dancer was and what exactly the movements were. Most significant, it is the speed and the rhythm of a dance. If dancing in a dream is not understandable, too impulsive, and resembles a convulsion, in real life, you may have to sweat a bit in order to find the answer to a difficult question and resolve a difficult situation.

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