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Balm - Meaning of Dream

Balm is a symbol of flattery, treats and meeting with friends at a diner table, family health, but sometimes death of loved ones. Balm, possessing medicinal characteristics, is able to give life, to heal old sores, but can also be a dangerous weapon if used incorrectly.

Dreams can also have twofold meaning. On the one hand, a balm brings healing and liberating power, on the other hand - it is a sad omen of bad times, which may adversely affect a person.

So if you dream of a broken bottle or spilled balm, it is a bad symbol. For example, if balm is poured from your hands to the ground, it is an indication of impending danger, it is likely to be a deadly danger.

If you dream of spilled balm, but you didn’t do it, this dream foretells upcoming news about death.

In other cases, balm is a favorable sign. For example, if you pour balm on your hands or body, it means that in the near future you will be pleased with unexpected flattery. Because of this, you will be able to settle all your business.

If you dream of balm, most often it is a sign of praise and awards from your manager at work. So everything is possible, even premium without a delay.

If you dream of balm with a special value (for example, giving immortality, longevity or very expensive), in this case, the dream can be interpreted as the probability of the arrival of very close friends or relatives. On this occasion, it will be necessary to organize a banquet or feast.

If you are not sick and you use balm – all your wishes will come true.

In a dream you use balm to treat some disease, it means that soon all your hopes will collapse.

If you are ill and see balm in a dream, it means that you will recover very soon and will feel very good.

If you drink balm in a dream, it is a sign of troubles.

The purchase of balm in a dream means that the source of evil and troubles is you.

A dream where you sell balm means that soon you will get revenge with all your enemies.

To receive a balm in a dream as a present means that in real life you will be betrayed by a close person.

In a dream you see a person holding a balm, this dream means changes in relations with a beloved person. You will become lonely for a long time.