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Balyk - Meaning of Dream

Balyk in a dream foretells a calm, quiet life, free from difficulties. You will avoid disappointments and small failures, often bothering you. But minor troubles are possible if in a dream you eat balyk.

Slicing juicy and delicious balyk in a dream is a sign of happiness, fame and wealth. Still you will not be able to achieve everything what you have planned. This will lead to frustration and disappointment, and a sense of happiness will be somehow incomplete.

Cutting balyk into big pieces in a dream means that your successful career is already quite close. Your proper work will be paid-up with decent salary.

If you buy smoked balyk, it means that soon you will brilliantly finish a deal that has bothered you for a long time. And only your caution with staff will help to complete the job.

If you dream of spoiled bakyk, it means that something goes wrong, and you should be ready for some failures. Self preparation of balyk in a dream is a sign of unrealistic expectations. You need to look for influential patrons, they will help you with all your plans.

If you treat guests with balyk, you will have luxurious and wealthy life.

In a dream you see balyk, it is a sign of loosing time, and also beginning of apathy.