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Bamboo - Meaning of Dream

Bamboo is a symbol of growth, early maturation, solution of serious problems, as well as joy. Even in ancient China, it was believed that to see bamboo in a dream is always good luck.

After such a dream, a person will start growing stronger physically and mentally. On the other hand, dreamed bamboo can symbolize refinement.

If a dreamer breaks bamboo, it indicates that in the very near future he/she will have to work hard with diligence. Probably there will be some very important business, where he/she will need to prove own good side.

If you dream of bamboo as a piece of your interior design, it means that soon you will have to get yourself into shape.

Not a very good symbol is if you use a bamboo in a dream as a cane or pillar - it is a sign of trouble.

Among other meanings a bamboo is a necessity to demonstrate creativity and imagination to solve many problems.

In ancient China people believed that if you dream of bamboo which grows in front of your house, it means that you will be really happy. Very soon you will hear some good news from family members or relatives.

If you pluck bamboo sprouts, in this case, you will have addition to your family: grandchildren or children. Most dreams with bamboo, as you can see, are positive.

Bamboo in a dream is an impersonation of stability, prosperity, close relationships and fine manners.

A dream, where you make a bamboo stick, means that you will be warned about something important to you.

In a dream you have tools/items made of bamboo – be ready for an interesting adventure.

To see bamboo furniture in a dream means to have a good rest or an enthralling talk with pleasant people.