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Bandage - Meaning of Dream

Bandage, seen in a dream, is considered to be a bad sign that portends a dramatic deterioration of health. If you see a bandage at night on Thursday or Tuesday, it means that you will have to manage a series of financial failures.

If you dreamed that you wore a bandage, this dream predicts that in the near future you will require help in a difficult and confusing situation.

If you felt stiffness and discomfort while wearing a bandage, it means that in the near future will be influenced by a powerful man who will easily control your actions.

If you feel comfortable and familiar, it means that you better accept support without much scruple. If you dream how you wear bandage on someone, it means that you will have to help a real good friend. Most likely, it would be a moral support.

According to Miller dream book, if you wear bandage, most likely you will face serious troubles in affairs. For objective reasons, you won’t be able to cope with the problems alone, and you will ask for help from friends and colleagues. Alas, you will not receive a desired support, so do not relax, make a detailed plan, meticulously think over all the steps and go towards your fate. Undoubtedly, it will be very difficult, but you will definitely cope with everything.

If a bandage was too uncomfortable, you will feel undesirable effect of the authoritarian and rude person, for example - your supervisor or your business partner.

If you buy a bandage, it means that you will experience respect and devotion of people around you.

In a dream you saw a bandage on a loved one or relative - in reality you will ignore own desires and will start solving other people's problems.

If you wanted to wear a bandage, but someone or something disturbed you, it means that you will be able to predict the machinations of your enemies. Be careful, the enemies will do anything to disrupt your plans.