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Bandit - Meaning of Dream

Bandit is a symbol of possible troubles that wait for you on the next turn of fate. However, the meaning of a dream may vary depending on the circumstances which it was accompanied with.

For example, if you see a bandit in some pleasant and romantic medieval settings, it is a sign of your modern character and personal features. After all, a bandit is not a common character in such environment, causing confusion and surprise. However, there is no reason for worries because of inappropriate situation. In this case you should think over your attitude to various inventions and gossip. Probably, you give too much importance to it. If you get rid of it, your life will become much easier and more enjoyable, because you will be free from useless and baseless experience.

Most often, women see the dreams of being attacked by a bandit. According to Miller’s dream interpretation, such a dream means that in the foreseeable future she will face adversity. It may seem serious and even invincible. But in the end you will be able to cope with them, everything will be resolved safely.

But if you dreamed of bandits who agreed to have a peaceful quiet conversation, you should prick up your ears. This dream is a direct indication of the possible traps, which are arranged by other people. They will sure take an advantage of your weakness, because you demonstrate your overly trusting character. So it makes sense to be more vigilant - then no one would be able to cause trouble.

Bandit in a dream is a reflection of any kind of delinquency, which you or somebody of your surroundings has done. If you are friends with a bandit it is a warning about punishment for your delinquency.

A dream where you encounter a gang warns you about needless contacts with dangerous people in real life, they will cause you a lot of troubles. Do all possible in order to avoid them.

Dreaming of a big group of bandits means that soon you will think over difficult choice, which demands your determination and peremptoriness.

In a dream you are a bandit – maybe soon you will feel passion to somebody.