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Bank note / Bill - Meaning of Dream

Bank notes in a dream symbolize an improvement of financial state, and your income. If you see a lot of bank notes, you will have a wide-range success and general admiration. To count bank notes in a dream means that you need to be quite cautious in real life. If you give away your bank notes in a dream, your affairs will be managed as it was planned.

To find bank notes in a dream means good news about money. Money can be seen on a different occasion. But almost all dreams about money have a positive interpretation.

If you dream of a roll, it means that you should be ready for some good news or surprise, but not necessarily in a positive sense.

If in the context of a dream you receive money, such a dream can be interpreted in the following way: a bundle of banknotes in this case symbolizes good relations between people, and the transfer between a dreamer and a person represents strong relationship. In addition, the receipt of money in a dream may indicate that a person will soon visit some family entertainment, or will discover some good prospects that were previously unknown. It is worth of a special rejoice if bills in a dream were of a good quality, clean and not torn.

A bundle of banknotes means that in the near future you will have some good news, acquisition, or purchase.

If, however, you lose money, give it to somebody, or pay for something - such dreams don’t have any positive interpretation. Most often, it means that a dreamer will soon lose all savings, or experience negative emotions. It is possible to fail in matters related to finance, to lose the support of friends or to be involved in some sort of monetary conflict. In addition, the loss of a bundle of banknotes can symbolize some old forgotten issue that still stays in a dreamer’s mind and soul.

In case of losing money, you should pay attention to the context and the feelings which you experienced in a dream. Sometimes it happens that a dream reflects a situation which has happened already, and a waste of money is processed by your subconscious mind. In this case, it is not necessary to interpret such a dream, because it is simply a repetition of the actual emotions. If anything like this happened, the loss of money could mean that a sleeper does not control own emotions. This dream can be a warning that you need to become a little more calm and balanced.