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Bankruptcy - Meaning of Dream


A dream about a bankruptcy (where you are a bankrupt, in particular) has completely opposite meaning. It is a totally good luck, especially what concerns business affairs.

In general, it bodes great income, purchase and win.

If you are a bankrupt in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It means that you’ll be very successful in any beginning. So, don’t be afraid to start your own business or bring an old idea to life. All your attempts will be crowned with success. But it doesn’t mean that you may let run your business innovations themselves. All the changes are possible under one condition – you’ll do everything within your strength to implement them. Moreover, you’re gifted (or at least can develop if you want) with all necessary traits of character: strong willpower, intelligence, creativity, mother wit, responsibility, determination. Don’t be lazy to use them for your own benefit. Believe, all your efforts won’t be in vain. You’ll be awarded with amazing financial status. You won’t be in need for anything anymore. What also important is to command your finances reasonably not to repeat the events of your dream in real life.

Seeing somebody a bankrupt in your dream is another favorable sign for you. It forebodes a meeting with honest and generous people in the nearest future. They can be not only valuable colleagues for you but also good, faithful friends for the rest of your life. This event is very important for you as well as unexpected – you haven’t met such a kind of people for ages. Your acquaintance will be free and easy. The same can be said about your friendship. At last, you‘ve met a person you can totally rely on, with whom you can share your joy and sorrow, whom you can trust for 100 per cent. It’ll be a real present from heavens.

But for a girl/woman seeing somebody a bankrupt in her dream is an unfavorable sign. It concerns her romantic life. Such a dream bodes a quarrel with her sweetheart. But it won’t be crucial. The reason may lie in difference of opinions. How to react totally depends on you and your understanding of a situation. You can whether turn a blind eye to this misunderstanding and just forget it because you consider it not worthy of all this (at a long run, everyone has a right for his/her own opinion about something), or try to sort out the situation because it touches upon your principles and interests.

If in your dream bankruptcy is right around the corner, but you aren’t afraid of it at all, it is a sign that unforgettable entertainments and adventures are waiting for you. Perhaps, it is the time for you to take a rest and change your mundane to something interesting!