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Banquet - Meaning of Dream

Banquet is a symbol of upcoming luxury, consistency, recognition and respect, as well as frustration and unhappiness. As in any other dream, its interpretation depends on the circumstances which accompany the main object of a dream.

In general, many esoteric believe that banquet is a positive dream, after which a dreamer will have indispensable luck and success, positive emotions and joy.

If you dream of a banquet where everybody is beautifully dressed and eating delicacies, it means that your surrounding will soon change. Moreover, the changes will be for the better, life will improve, and you will be promoted. Meals and drinks is a sign of wealth, beautiful clothes - jewelry.

However, do not rush. If, for example, you dream of a poor banquet, it has another meaning. After such a dream, the changes will unfortunately, upset a dreamer. On the contrary, you will experience deprivation and envy - the worst feeling that will consume all energy.

It will be necessary to restrain emotions. But only time will show whether a person is able to cope with this task or not. In any case, it is hardly good to dream of a poor banquet with people in bad clothes.

If a banquet in your dream had empty tables, it's also bad. As a rule, such a dream is interpreted differently. Here, it says about person’s frustration because of unfulfilled expectations. Perhaps, you will hope for a good outcome of some business enterprise, however there is a high level of risk that it will not meet with your expectations. In such situations, one can only sympathize and move on.

According to the dream interpreter, a banquet is a pledge of confidence about support from close people.

A banquet full of happy people with big amount of food means that very soon you will receive a generous award for your efforts and will fully relax.

To see a banquet in own house means happiness, improvement of financial state and general acceptance.

A dream where you were invited for a banquet forecasts you a big income.