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Bar - Meaning of Dream

The dream in which you see that bar and it looks dark and smoky means that a period of anxiety and unpleasant events will begin shortly after the forthcoming noisy party. It is clear that problems can be of various kinds; including violations of the law.

Therefore, after this dream you should resist the temptation, and overcome craving for the feast. If you will be able to do it, you will easily avoid unpleasant events. This is a very important caveat, and it should be treated accordingly. In general, you should be thankful to any dream. With the help of symbolism your subconscious mind hints about possible errors.

If you walk in the bar together with your friend, it means that in reality you are bothered with some thought or idea and you want to share it and listen to the advice of someone close and who will care about it.

To dream of a bar with soft drinks, it means that in real life you will face several options and you will be able to choose and make a right decision. For example, a young girl will look closely to one of the many fans, and will make a choice, which she will like later on. In case the girl sees a cat in the bar in the dream, it means that her choice will not come up to her expectations. Most likely the guy she decides to choose has already got a girlfriend, and they can become rivals. The reason why he behaved as if he needed and admired her is just to check whether girls still like him and swallow the bait.

To see yourself in the bar being drunk means that soon you will take part in a noisy and lively partying.

If you see a bartender in the dream, it is very interesting thing; his appearance warns that you have a vindictive and unreliable friend. In this case, your subconscious warns of communication with that person in order to avoid trouble.

In many cases the dream of bar is seen, as a warning for overcoming of temptations. Much depends on the details of the dream, which is to be interpreted in conjunction with the main subject.

It is important to remember, how visitors look like in the dream: whether they were naturally or bizarrely dressed, what was the music and its quality. All this will help to unravel the dream and get an accurate prediction, as it might have a great importance for you.

It is known that most stupid things people commit while being drunk, and because bar portends a party, feast, you need to treat it seriously.

You should carefully review the details of the dream, even the little things and, if the interpretation is bad, it is better to refuse the invitation to an upcoming event. Thus, you can avoid something that can break your life.

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