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Bark - Meaning of Dream

The bark as an image in a dream is easy to interpret. After all, everyone knows that the bark protects the living organism - a tree from damage; the skin protects the human body. Therefore it is necessary to assume that any actions that affect the bark may reflect the insecurity of living being.

There are also several other interpretations in which the bark indicates the exposure to criticism from the surrounding people: colleagues, bosses, friends, relatives and family members. Thus, you should be attentive to own actions, in order to go through these manifestations of criticism with minimum disappointment.

If you see the bark on the tree, it can reflect the spiritual closeness. As it often happens in life, the communication with some people does not cause any spiritual connection, and after this dream you may finally feel comfortable and experience this missing spiritual closeness.

You may also cut any letters or numbers on the tree bark, and this dream states that someone's curiosity in reality may interfere with the course of your life. Do not let strangers have their fingers in every pie, otherwise it can greatly hurt and bring some disappointment in a calm and steady rhythm of your life.

If you cut some images in the tree bark, this is an indication that all your dreams will come true, you just need to wait for some time.

If you peel the bark off the tree, it does not promise much trouble, but still you should be afraid of rash decisions. In real life, any misstep could lead to trouble that will bring very big disappointment. In this case, it can also be interpreted as a possible loss of money in the business.

The bark separate from the tree can also mean the knowledge of something, the pursuit of which can last a lifetime. Some dream books treat the bark peeled from the tree, as a kind of erotic impulses or painful consequences, which in real life can torment a dreamer for a long time.

Any dream can be interpreted with positive and a negative perception, which is why you should not just accept any negative predictions; better to program yourself for the positive.