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Barking - Meaning of Dream

In Islamic countries, the dog is considered an unclean animal, and everything what is related to it - is bad. Therefore, in the eastern dream books everything that is connected with the dogs in a dream has unfavorable meaning.

In Europe, the attitude towards dogs is more loyal, so the dog in a dream symbolizes a friend, and its bark is interpreted as a warning of danger or mistakes.

The easiest way to understand what dogs barking means is to recall the feelings that you have towards the dog itself. If you perceive a dog as a cute animal, friend and companion for life, the barking of a dog in this case can be interpreted as an advice to listen to the warnings of friends. It is possible that they try to show you the right way and protect from mistakes and errors.

If you have a negative attitude to dogs, then the dream of dogs barking forebodes quarrels, scandals, squabbles and other troubles. Barking dog in this case symbolizes the enemy, a detractor, as well as slander or accusations. A leash of barking dogs is a harbinger of a difficult period in life, full of hardship and adversity.

It is also important to pay attention to the emotions that the dream about barking dog causes. If the bark annoys you - the dream is negative; if your attitude is positive or neutral – this dream is favorable.

However irritating barking heard in the distance, can symbolize the dreamer's unwillingness to listen to the advice of others.

If you were going to commit theft but barking interrupted your plans, it tells that your friend will save you from indiscretion. If a dog scared your enemies or wild animals with its barking, the dream tells that your friend is always ready to help, protect, and even to sacrifice own interests for the sake of friendship.

Two dogs barking at each other or even fighting indicate that you will quarrel with your friends. If you hear dogs barking in the distance, this dream suggests that you are estranged from friends at the moment, and you are not involved in companionship. This dream may also warn of some distant danger, threat, and appearance of an enemy.

If you hear barking and it seems like a dog is calling you, this dream tells that your friend requires your help. If the barking dog is enchained, it tells that life circumstances do not allow a dreamer meet the friend. Another meaning of this dream – someone wanted to harm a dreamer, but it is impossible at the moment.

If a man dreams that a pregnant dog barks at him, it bodes that he will have scandals in the family. If the dog barks, protecting a bone or a bowl of food, these scandals will be connected to the lack of money and needs. If a puppy barks at a dreamer, it symbolizes a lack of understanding with children and younger relatives, quarrels with them.

If you stole something and barking dogs are chasing you, it forebodes the condemnation of friends, and discord with them due to careless and improper actions.

It is important to pay attention to the color of the dog. White dog usually symbolizes a friend, a black - an enemy. Pedigree dogs also indicate good, trusted friend, and a pooch can mean dubious dating, and casual acquaintances.