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Barn - Meaning of Dream

Since ancient times, people have tried to anticipate future events or incidents of their lives. In order to do that, they put a lot of efforts.

Years passed, and people began to notice that not only the surrounding objects and events can help with interpretation of the future, but also dreams play an important role. Thus, all the opinions and observation of events after dreams were accumulated in dream book. The process of creation the whole dream book could take quite a long time. The more respondents take part, the more developed will be an image of the future.

There are many dream books, one of them say that a wooden barn represents advancement in business and good moments in life. However, it is necessary to take into account the circumstances under which you see a barn, and what its condition was.

If a barn is shiny and it seems like made of gold, then, most likely, there will be trouble and strife.

In case you buy a barn, be ready for development of your plans and changes in life for the better.

If you dream that you build a barn, you will not have any difficulties or obstacles in your career or personal life. And if you construct a shed, in the near future you will find your soul mate and will have a wedding.

If you repair a roof of a barn, in the future be ready for losses or problems at work. In addition, it can mean disappointment in your close person, whom you have always relied on.

If you find yourself locked in a barn, you must beware of meanness or buckpassing of others. In this case, don’t trust unchecked information and anyone new in your surrounding, at least in the near future.

If instead of a barn you see complete ruins, it is a sign of a long-term illness or unexpected troubles in life. A sick person seeing such a dream could die. Repairing a wooden barn, you should prepare for the difficulties in solving old problems.

Rearranging of something inside a barn means news or changes in your life, as well as the arrival of unexpected guest.

If a barn is empty and not in very good condition, you will have to face a loss of a person from your environment or separation from loved one. In addition, it indicates the difficulties in the performance goals or desires together with material losses.

If you see a barn in fire, be ready for the collapse in trade matters, trouble or bad luck in your endeavors. It is necessary to pay special attention to this dream, as it may relate to other people living with you. However, the most frustrating, if a barn is burned down, as it foretells the upcoming failure.

To see a barn full of grain in a dream means that you will have a long life in abundance.

If you see mice in a barn, in real life you risk becoming a victim of a thief.