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Barrel - Meaning of Dream

Barrel in a dream is a symbol of prosperity and success.

If you see a barrel full with some liquid, it means that your life is in full swing. Luck will be your helpmate.

If a barrel if full of water, it means profit, income and all possible progress.

To see barrels full with wine means that you will be happy and carefree knowing anything about troubles.

If you see an empty barrel, it means that in the nearest future, troubles will not leave any space for joy of life.

To see a barrel rolling down on the road means that you will be a witness of a quarrel, or even take part in it.

If you see a barrel without a bottom, it is a warning that your hopes are unfruitful.

To see countless barrels is a sign of a big celebration.

In a dream you break a barrel, be cautious, possibly you will have some disorders in communication with your family.

In a dream you see a full water-can, it is a sign that soon something unpleasant will happen.

To hold a water-can in a hand means that you will be successful.

If you drop a water-can you will encounter sudden, but temporary difficulties. The luck will not be on your side.

In general a water-can symbolizes your high self-esteem.

A water-can with milk is a good sign – meaning gains in the family. Empty water-can in the dream means scarcity.

If you buy a water-can in a shop, you will face confusion in affairs and discouragement.