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Barricade - Meaning of Dream

You see yourself standing on the street surrounded by barricades, in real life it means that you will face unexpected circumstances which will influence your life or even change it dramatically.

If you take part in constructing of defensive barricades – it means that you’ve been used for somebody’s game. You need to review your state urgently and try to get rid of evil influence. This dream indicates that you are isolating yourself from people because you are afraid to be used one more time. Due to your behavior in the past, people made up their mind about you, and now you need to work hard in order to change the situation and prove that you have changed.

To see a white flag over a barricade means to change your point of view drastically, you will be critical in self-appraisal, and possibly you surrender your principles. If you want to control the situation, don’t forget about your background and appropriately assess the situation. Don’t rely on new friends and respect things which you have now, in order not to miss it later.

If you refuse to build a barricade, it means that you will find a correct solution to the problem, discarding absolutely all concerns and indecision. It means that you will be able to prove your point of view to people around you, and will easily gain prestige.

Any kind of barrier which you see in a dream is an obstacle, which you will need to overcome not in the dream but in real life.

If you see yourself, strangers or animals jumping over a barrier in your dream, it means that you exaggerate problems in your business relations too much. Look at the situation from other point of view.

In the dream that you stand in front of a barrier, in real life you will have insignificant losses and disappointment.

If you see yourself stepping over a barrier, you will gain a big success in your affairs and aspiration without problems.

If you put a barrier in a dream, it means that somebody has a strong feeling towards you, but you ignore this person, and you don’t even know about that feeling.