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Basketball - Meaning of Dream


If you think that basketball in your dream cannot bear any meaning and you can just skip it, you are wrong. It is an ambiguous sign, meanings of which depend on whether you take part in this sports game or you are just a spectator.

Watching a basketball game in your dream is not a simple sign. It has several different interpretations.

If you are seeing only some attributes of this game in your dream (for example, a basket or a ball), it betokens a successful realization of all your plans. All your beginnings will be promising. They’ll bring you success not only in a business sphere but also happiness in your private life. Do your best and catch the fortune.

If you are playing basketball as a member of a team, it designates that your family and friends are always ready to help and support you whenever you need it. It could be so that without their help you wouldn’t have achieved what you have now. Appreciate it; show that you are grateful.

The opposite meaning has a dream in which you’re playing basketball all alone, without a team. Correspondingly, it suggests that nobody will help you when you need it. Analyze your behavior and attitude to people. In all likelihood, the reason for this is you.

Being a basketball referee in a dream implies that you don’t want to take responsibilities. Try to change yourself because you won’t achieve anything ever.

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