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Bath - Meaning of Dream


Bathroom is a special place for each person. Taking a bath, people not only clean and wash the body, but also the rest. Bath with sea salt or bath foam is very relaxing, cleansing not only the body but the soul.

Paramount importance has the dream in which you take a bath. At the same time, one dream can be interpreted completely differently depending on the age and sex of the dreamer.

If you dream of a bathtub filled with hot water, it is a sign that you should cool down a bit, tame your ardor, and moderate pride.

The image of an empty bathtub portends a little trouble, which may slightly tarnish your reputation.

If the young person dreams that he/she is taking a bath, this dream promises excitement because of the behavior of a loved one. For spouses, such dream symbolizes the opportunity to betray.

If you are going to take a bath with somebody else, beware of lies and slander.

If you see how water runs in the bath, it means that you need to save your money; otherwise it might be spent in wrong direction.

If you are pregnant and you dream of a bathroom, you should go to a specialist to make sure that there is no risk of miscarriage.

A dream in which you take a bath in nature, symbolizes the beginning of something new, as well as purification from all the boring and painful issues.

Generally, a bath in a dream can be both positive and negative sign. But in general, if you see a bath in a dream, then you need to think about how to change something in your life. Perhaps you should get rid of some unnecessary things or stop communicating with people who affect you negatively.

By the way, if you dream that water in the bath is very cold, it means that in relation to someone you don’t feel anything what you have experienced before.

If the water is very dirty or muddy and unpleasant, this may be a sign that the dreamer will have conflicts in the family or personal life. Clean water in the bath, symbolizes that it is very easy for you to cope with all the difficulties which you encounter, you will experience joy and good mood. This dream foretells nothing but sheer pleasure of communicating with soulmate, not clouded by any friction.

If you see that you wash somebody else in the bath, it is a sign of the possibility to build a relationship with someone in real life. If you had troubles, it's just good times to resolve the conflict.

The worst interpretation of the dream is characterized by a dream where to take bath in clothes you should be particularly vigilant to avoid serious trouble. Some downers believe that such dream foretells illness or treason.