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Bathe - Meaning of Dream

If you bathe in crystal clear clean water, it bodes that soon you will be lucky to get a generous fate gift: to become a successful person, make friends and succeed in love affairs. If you bathe in dirty and muddy water, it causes nothing except hardship, poverty, misery and diseases.

If a girl bathes in the lake in the company of her girlfriend, and the latter swims better, the dream foretells that friend’s charm will be appreciated by others, and the disadvantages will not become the subject of public attention - they simply will not be noticed.

If you are drowning in a dream, you will experience a deep dissatisfaction with life, environmental conditions, and the people around. Swimming underwater promises increased anxiety and depression.

Sometimes people dream that they put on new clean clothes after bathing, this dream promises the speedy renewal of lost energy. For poor, the same dream promises untold wealth; for the prisoner - the long-awaited freedom; for seriously ill dreamer - a miraculous recovery; for unsuccessful trader who lost all hope for a prosperous existence - an unprecedented economic success; for the debtor - help from above in the return of the debt.

If after bathing you wore lots of different clothing, this dream means the disappearance of all worries; but in return you will be in need of something.

If after bathing you noticed that you hadn’t washed yourself properly, it signifies that you will not finish the business and reach the goal that you have long dreamed of.

If you bathe not alone but in the company of somebody, it portends that you will find something that you have lost because of theft.

If you bathe in the swimming pool, you will get rid of ailments and anxiety. For woman, bathing in the sea portends happiness for the successes of her husband; for a girl it promises a rich husband. If you swim in the lake, you will have small changes in the financial position and relationship with the soul mate.

If you bathe in a bath, you will get rid of the disease, various worries and anxieties. Also it promises good marriage with a worthy and wealthy partner. Swimming in the river portends additional strength and endurance. Bathing in warm water foretells the great benefit; in cold water - good health; hot water - a complicated surgery.

If you bathe in clothes – you have chances to receive good inheritance; if you wash your feet, you will have a good household. If you bathed in a marble bath, you will be pleasantly surprised; zinc bath - terrible confusion in feelings and emotions; steel enameled bath - progress at work.

Generally, bathing is often a favorable and promising dream. In most cases, it promises mentioned above health, success of business and personal life.

If you bathe in the water with essential oils, it indicates almost narcissistic self-love, a high level of complacency and delight with own appearance, character, behavior and actions. Such a dream is like a good advice, a recommendation not to rise on a pedestal, and to perceive own personal qualities with a considerable share of criticism.