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Bathhouse - Meaning of Dream

According to a dream interpreter a bathhouse is a symbol of happy entertainment, but with small discomfiture.

To wash yourself in a bathhouse means unexpected and not severe disease that will appear while you are out of home. At the same time this dream forecasts pleasant events.

If you see yourself steaming in Turkish bathhouse you will have enjoyment without troubles.

A dream where you see yourself in an old Russian bathhouse warns you about deterioration of health.

If you hit yourself with a bath broom, in real life you might blame yourself for something.

If you burned yourself in a bathhouse, because of staying to long, you will be disappointed in love.

If you slip on the floor in a bathhouse, you will make a mistake in life.

To observe like other people steam means to rest in good company.

In a dream you see cold, cooled bathhouse, it is a bad sign. Pay attention to your health and don’t delay treatment of chronic diseases.

If you see a very nice and clean bathhouse, you will be successful in love. At the same time dirty bathhouse symbolizes upcoming failures in private life.

If you sing while you take shower, it means the restriction of your freedom in real life.

If you feel ashamed in a bathhouse with other people, in real life you can miss your chance because of your indecision.

To steam in bathhouse in clothes means that you have too much responsibility for something.

If you build a bathhouse – you will begin new relationship.