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Battle - Meaning of Dream

Battle in a dream symbolizes the ability to overcome difficulties. If you dream that you are watching for the outcome of a duel, it means that in reality you will receive some bad news. This dream warns you against organized well-prepared attack of those who don’t like you. Participating in a battle in a dream foretells you the ability to overcome real difficulties. You will be able to succeed, having spent a considerable amount of moral and physical strength.

For a woman, to watch a battle of men is the ability to chose a fan in real life. She should be extremely cautious not to make a mistake and be disappointed. For a sick person this dream has a different interpretation, and it is very favorable: the disease will be successfully treated.

If you see yourself being a winner in a battle, in reality you are guaranteed to have successful change in love and health matters.

Opposite meaning has a dream in which you experienced the bitterness of defeat in a battle. In reality, your fate will insignificantly strike or globally shock you.

Battle in a dream book by Miller marks the appearance of challenges and adversity. Efforts and struggle are predicted to be protracted, but successful. If in a dream you didn’t manage to become a winner, then in reality you will be disappointed. Your good intentions are thwarted by foolish actions of those around you: colleagues and friends.

Battle in a dream is a prognostic of fights with relatives and folks.

If you see a field where the battle takes place, it means that perhaps you try to resolve an inner conflict.

If you don’t take part and only observe a battle, it means that all your troubles and conflicts will be solved.

In a dream you win a battle, all your close people will be next to you when you need them.

If you lose in a battle, it means that your kind nature will not be able to resist insidious enemy.

If you revenge your enemy on a battle field, there is a chance to avoid a disease. In a dream your enemy is stronger than you, it means that you will not be able to treat your disease.