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Bawl - Meaning of Dream

Quite often people bawl in a dream, and usually after such a dream they have depressing mood. However, this is not the reason for worries, after such a vision, a person will only cry of happiness, because he/she will have a rapid development in affairs, luck, fluke, and even fortune. If someone likes to play the lottery, after this dream he/she is likely to win at least a small amount of money.

If you don’t bawl but see other people doing this, then they will be very lucky and successful in business; but as true friends they will want to share their joy with you.

If close people bawl – they will be happy; crying children forebode fortune, and crying strangers foretell the unexpected success at work.

However, not all tears are good. If you bawl experiencing sad emotions, and feel the tears dropping down on your face, but you do not hear the sound of sobbing, this vision states that you will receive a kind of written note/news, the contents of which will lead to trouble and breakdown.

If a young unmarried girl groans, laments, and cries with lots of tears, it could well be a harbinger of her wedding. Most likely, she will meet a wealthy and good boyfriend, and their romance will end up in marriage.

But if a young guy bawls – he shouldn’t think of the wedding, and even has to forget about private life in general. The interpretation in this case is also positive, but it is related to work: he may climb the corporate ladder, have a salary increase or receive any additional income.

If you dream of a child bawling, this is a prediction of something bad. Most often, this dream symbolizes disappointments and challenges that will soon appear in life. If your own children bawl, the dream in this case should be understood as misunderstanding in the family, quarrels, and even scandals. However, if you managed to calm a baby down, then everything will be great, and the problem will soon be solved. Sometimes for those who are in process of litigation, this dream predicts a positive outcome.

If you dream of your own parents bawling, this is also not a very good sign, because it usually means a big surprise, shock, and not necessarily related to good news.

If you bawl at the funeral, then do not worry, on the contrary, this dream is treated as a long and happy life of the person whom you saw in the coffin; and also bodes success and plenty of reasons to celebrate for those who wept.

Considering the dreams from the perspective of psychology, we can say that if a person often cries in a dream, subconsciously he/she experiences gnawing pain. Maybe in real life such a person is suffering from the fact that he/she is not forgiven by someone he/she likes. As a rule in dreams all the tears may be the result of pity, compassion, sorrow and other emotions that were not released in reality.