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Bay - Meaning of Dream

If you dream as if you swim in the bay, it warns you to be more careful, because you may face big disappointment or lie of a close person, which will be revealed very quickly.

For a lady, such a dream tells to be more prudent and with special attention perform any work. It is useful to know what a bay means, because through the dreams the fate tries to give us a hint or a warning. For example, if in a dream you docked your boat in the bay - in life you have to demonstrate perseverance and also be patient. As a result of all the efforts and attempts will be appreciated.

If you see a bay, it tells that you have a dream that will soon be fulfilled.

If you observe the fabulous sunrise over the beautiful bay, it portends that you will be accompanied with luck in every undertaking.

In the event if you see a bay in storm, this dream indicates that finally you have the perfect opportunity to shift off a load of anxiety that prevent your normal breathing for a long time. Now is the time to devote yourself to family and loved ones.

If you climbed a high hill from which you saw a beautiful view of the bay, it portends the hope to have the period of rest and pleasure; but unfortunately the hopes will be in vain. Many dreams will be destroyed because of the unfavorable combination of circumstances.

If you observed a calm bay, it foretells a great success in upcoming days. But if you attempt to cross the bay, there is a risk of becoming involved in some serious adventure, so you should pay more attention to all bargains.

This dream, seen by young and unmarried girl, may presage a temporary alienation of affections. But do not worry, as the bay may portend that the lull in the relationship will transform into passion and love as it was before, moreover the feeling may become stronger.