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Beach - Meaning of Dream

A beach in a dream represents an escape from the routine, and the embodiment of hidden desires; although, perhaps these images are related to the recent holiday or expectation of a new one.

If you fall asleep on the beach under the hot sun, the dream states that you try not to notice evident things in life. It is necessary to look around, perceive the world from a different angle.

A dreaming of a beach on the lake or river portends success in public affairs (not at work and not in the family). Sunbathing on the beach points at great opportunities; the main thing is to evaluate and react to them timely.

If you observe yourself standing on the beach - the circumstances will make you meet some people, whom you ignored for a long time.

If the weather on the beach suddenly changes and you see a hurricane – you will have lots of surprises that can change your life for the better.

For girls, a dream of being naked on the beach under the hot sun foretells profitable deal, successful purchase or marriage of convenience. For everyone, seeing oneself naked on the beach among nudists is a warning: beware of enviers.

At various times of the year, the summer beach can predict quite different things: in summer - boredom, in spring – fun, in autumn - the deception, and in winter - a quiet life.

If you play something on a beach: in spring it tells that you count on people who will be useless in life, in winter the dream means risk without reason, in summer - wasted time, in autumn - deals with dishonest people.

If you meet an old friend on a beach - something from the past will remind you about its existence, for example long-forgotten events.

If the beach is filled with beautiful people – your relations in the team will not develop well. This dream can also mean dissatisfaction with current environment. Swim and dive states that you feel guilt for rash acts.

Suffering from thirst and sweat in a dream foretells nothing, but health problems. Perhaps the body does not get the required amount of moisture or it is very hot in the room where you sleep.

The meaning of a dream can be determined by the dreamer alone. In order to get the right interpretation you need to heed to your emotions, and remember the smallest details of the dream. Often the treatment may vary to reverse if the feelings associated with the vision do not correspond to those described in the dream book.