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Beacon - Meaning of Dream

If you see a beacon in your dream you need to react on it seriously. In real life there is a danger ahead. You need to be extremely careful and attentive. Do not let anybody know your plans and secrets.

To see a beacon waving from side to side on the wave crest means that you will need to make an important decision in life. Your decision will influence your beloved one or a close person.

If you swim towards a beacon but you don’t reach it, in life soon you will collide with some troubles, and your cherished goal will be postponed for some time. No need to be upset, with time everything will be back in its place.

To swing on the beacon in water means to refuse a lot from entertainments in life. That is why you are easy to peeve. Try to rest and relax in the nearest future.

Buoy in a dream means that you don’t need to rely on anybody, believe only in your power. This is not the best time to ask for somebody’s assistance.

If you swim further than a buoy, it means that your irresponsibility will harm you.

A dream in which you swim to a buoy is a reflection of your tremendous efforts, which you do in order to solve your life problems. For a lady, such a dream indicates her desire to find a partner and get married.

If you can’t reach a buoy in a dream, it means that you will encounter big obstacles on your way to success.