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Beads - Meaning of Dream

According to modern dream book, people with exceptional influence will consider the communication with you to be necessary. Stringing beads on a thread means that people who are much richer than you will show their favor. If you count beads in a dream, then be ready for happy and prosperous days. An adverse dream is if you scatter beads. It foretells that you will go down the social ladder. To scatter beads without purpose, means that close ones will turn their back to you.

Counting beads in a dream book by Miller is interpreted as some events in reality that can easily make a dreamer happy. If you throw beads all around you, it means that you will be disappointed with old and true friends. Because of this, they may lose your respect. If you dream of beads without any accompanying circumstances, it means that some of your deeds will attract the attention of powerful people.

Beads in a dream book by Vanga are a symbol of expensive and dear thing. It can also symbolize the high moral qualities that you cherish. If you had a dream where you string beads on a thin thread, it means that you do not have good relationships with friends or relatives. In order to correct this situation, you have to act very patiently. A dream, in which you see dirty beads in the mud, foretells that your candor will harm you. Do not share your personal secrets with anyone. If you see yourself in a dream in a beautiful dress, beaded, it means that you are ear people's respect because of your wisdom.

Beads, according to Freud's dream book, are usually seen by men, who are splitters by their nature. This fact repels potential romantic girlfriends who can’t imagine being together with such a person.

Probably, your personal happiness can be found only in the image of the same petty and pedantic partner.

Beads in a dream symbolize your need to communicate with someone who can support and protect you.

If you sort out beads in a dream, it is a sign of wellbeing in family.

If you throw beads in purpose, it means that good attitude to you will be changed.

In a dream you decorate yourself with beads, it is a prognostic of nuisance and small betrayal.

To see a bijouterie with beads, means that you spend your energy in vain, and you choose wrong way of living. You need to change something.

To make a purchase of beads, means to receive important information. If you sell beads – you will be traveling a lot.