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Beak - Meaning of Dream

A dream about beak is considered to be a rare luck and promises a long period of happiness. Such a dream for sure brings such events as fast promotion, profitable investments of capital and extremely successful purchase, success in gambling and other games, and a favorable conclusion in love affairs.

If you dream as if a dove kisses you with its beak, this is a very good sign. A beak of pigeon which touches human cheeks will bring long-awaited changes in personal life - happiness in love affairs, and meeting with a person your dreams.

The beak of a bird of prey, such as the eagle, hawk, falcon or vulture, seen in a dream should not scare a dreamer. Such dreams also bring a lot of pleasant events. For example, if a person sees that his/her body is torn apart by a huge beak of a fierce predator or scavenger, it is likely that soon a dreamer will spend money without a moment of hesitation. Such dreams promise super-profits and easy money, which should also be easy to spend – easy come easy go.

Sometimes, other dream is a warning. In particular, if you see a raven beak in front of your eyes, this dream tells that you have to be very careful in certain situations at work. You should look closer to some of your colleagues; and especially those who have recently shown special attention.

A beak is considered as extremely favorable omen that can be found in the study of almost any of todays popular dream books. Almost all of the different interpretations promise pleasant moments that will necessarily happen soon. Also if you see a beak, the dream hints that your relatives wait for your material support.

If you see a beak on your face, get ready for minor troubles in foreseeable future. Among them are slight health problems and necessity to monitor valuables and important documents. But do not worry, because such failures are easily avoided.

If you see a bird carrying anything in its beak, you will have a huge profit or a good present very soon.

If you dream of a bird knocking the window with its beak, it tells that soon you will receive the news from your loved one.

A bird holding a twig in its beak foretells some unexpected pleasant events.