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Beard - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of man’s beard heralds rivalry with a very obnoxious person. Odds are good that this situation means losing of a significant amount of money.

Gray beard is the harbinger of serious problems that may leave a poor footprint on the fate.

If a man dreams about a lady with a beard, his health may falter. In addition, this dream can predict relations that can ruin even the best reputation.

If you dream and feel that you were pulled by your beard, you are apt to be compelled to participate in a bad and risky business. In order to get away from this, you will need to sacrifice something very valuable.

Combing his beard means experiencing vanity that develops together with the increases of the state. A dream warns that such a situation could be the reason for bereavement of best friends.

If the girl dreams that she is fascinated by man’s beard, it means that her dreams about marriage will come true.

A beard in a dream book by Miller is a plea to fight for your place in the world. Moreover, your opponent in this fight will have fundamentally different views than yours.

For a young girl to dream as she gently takes care of man’s beard, then she is ready for serious relations.

A Beard in a dream book of Vanga means casual acquaintance with somebody you’ve never seen previously in your life. If you own an impressive beard, then you give serious grounds for malicious gossip. If you trim your beard you might become a victim of a fraud. If you have a dream of a bearded woman, you will have unnecessary and even harmful acquaintance. If you dream of white-haired old man with a beard, then you remind yourself of old, unresolved problems.

Beard also warns of a competitor, who will try to make you lose temper. Also it means power and success for men.

If you have long beard in a dream, you will have general recognition and increase of your authority.

If the beard is short, your advantages and merits will not be noticed.

To look after own beard means that all your concerns will disappear fast and easy.

If you wash or clean your beard, you will have a terrible mental boredom.

If a beard is poor and plain, in real life your hopes will not come true.

To pull hair from your beard means that soon all your plans will be fulfilled, because you will receive help.

If a man shaves the beard in a dream, after awakening he might lose all material benefit.