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Beaver - Meaning of Dream


Beaver in the dream symbolizes hard work and love to work, and the desire to gain everything with own efforts.

Thriftiness, that's a quality that you proudly possess. If a person sees a beaver in the dream, it means someone encroaches on his property, perhaps this is the person he least expected.

Veles dream book interprets a beaver in the dream, as a sign of profit, but only with the help of diligence and endurance it will be possible to reach it.

If you catch a beaver, it means that soon you will go for a date with a rich and powerful man, which later will bring you good benefit.

To wear beaver fur, it means that the wealth of a dreamer will increase.

In the esoteric dream book it says, if you see a beaver building its hut, it is a sign that soon the weather will change for cold.

To see beaver pelt, it means that you will need to prepare for the frosty weather.

For the dreamers with own month of birth, there are also different interpretations, and everything is described in detail. For example, for those who were born in January, February, March, April, beaver in the dream, means a long and unpleasant hassle with officials.

Beaver in a dream, it is a sign that the dreamer will achieve great success with own efforts.

If you kill a beaver for its fur, then in reality you will be accused of fraud and condemn of an innocent man.

Modern dream book says that who sees a beaver in a dream, will achieve excellent results at work. To kill a beaver in a dream means a possible fraud.

The American dream book says that if a person sees in a dream where a beaver builds a dam, it means that the dreamer is building emotional barriers, since water is a symbol of emotions.

In the dream book of Catherine the Great, it says that a beaver, is a good symbol, it means that the dreamer is persevering and purposeful, he/she is determined to overcome all difficulties and necessarily achieve all he/she aspires in life. If you dream that you killed a beaver, it says that in reality your deals will be disclosed, and it will cause all subsequent sad results.

In the magical dream book it says that beaver, symbolizes perseverance, patience and diligence. If you exercise these qualities in life, we can achieve much.

Beaver in a dream of the farmer, is a sign of wealth gains and a good harvest. Hunting beaver is a sign that the dreamer will bring a lot of grief for the man who does not deserve it.

A dream, in which a person cuts a beaver, is a sign that soon he/she will be in court, and that situation will completely exhaust the dreamer.

Beaver, is a reflection of prosperity and abundance. If a man had a dream about this animal, it is a sign that he needs to act rather than pretend acting. A person needs to move forward in order to achieve something in this life.

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