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Bed - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a bed, this is a sign of laziness and disease. But if you dream of a neat bed, this is a sign of safety. If the bed was unmade, the dream tells that all your secrets will be sooner or later revealed.

If you see yourself in the bed with a person of the same sex, you will need to apologize for your behavior and actions. If it is a person of the opposite sex, the dream portends the necessity to make important decisions.

If you lie in bed on the street, the dream tells that you will soon have the chance to earn decent money. In other dream book, lying in bed – portends upcoming wedding.

If you prepare to go to sleep, most likely you will change the place of residence. If you cover the bed with a blanket, you should be ready for a visit from afar.

Another dream interpretation states that a bed is a herald of a long and distant journey far from home. If you dream of metal bed with mesh, it tells that you will spend some money to repair household appliances, which are broken.

If you dream of a wooden bed, this is an indication of carefree family life for many years. Old bed in a dream portends the danger and loss.

If you try to lie down on a small uncomfortable bad, in fact, you will be forced to share a certain proportion of your income.

If you share your bed with someone, this is a sign of illness or an accident. If a woman sees her husband in bed with another lady, in fact she will receive a pleasant romantic gift.

A clearly visible bed portends favorable changes. For a woman, a dream as if she makes a bed heralds romantic acquaintance; it will cause pleasant and thrilling experience, but will not be long-lasting.

If you see yourself lying in bed in a strange place, this dream heralds change in personal life. If you rest in bed out in nature, be prepared for the opportunity to change own life for the better. The main thing is not to miss the chance.

You shouldn’t treat bad interpretations of these dreams too seriously. Every interpretation may turn out to be pleasant and interesting, even if you thought the dream was unfavorable. You also need to pay attention to the days when you see those dreams.