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Bedroom - Meaning of Dream


In the case you dream that you are the owner of a big bedroom with plenty of space for bed or furniture in general, it is a sign prosperous life. If you see yourself in a bright room, it is a sign of upcoming holidays, and big celebration.

If you dream of a bedroom in which the repair process is in progress, then this dream warns about life changes in the near future. A dream, in which you see a child in your bedroom, means that you will have a new family member. But, if you walk out of a bedroom and head towards a bathroom this dream foretells you a date.

In general, a bedroom is a symbol of personal space. Therefore, if you like to stay in a bedroom in your dream and you feel comfortable - this dream is a harbinger of good events. But if you dream that you leave a bedroom because of unpleasant emotions, it is a symbol of the problems that you will be able to overcome.

Every person dreams, but sometimes these dreams are quite unusual and even fantastic, sometimes scary, but often people have dreams that convey the atmosphere of every day. Therefore, very often a person may dream of a room, where he/she spends the most time, and it can be both an office and a private bedroom.

If you dream of a quite poor little bedroom, with a modest setting, it is a sign that you need to improve your financial state. In particular this refers to the situation, if you dream of the bedroom from your real life, but it looks smaller and poorer then in reality. In addition, this dream foretells loss and trouble.

If you dream of a rich, well-equipped, beautiful bedroom, the dream foretells the improvement of financial condition. If such room in the dream belongs to the dreamer, then it is a sign of impending change of lifestyle and place of residence.

If in the dream you come to visit somebody and you walk into rich equipped bedroom, it is a sign heralding a good acquaintance with the man with power.

If you see a very small and cramped bedroom it is a sign of poverty.

Moreover, the decor of your bedroom plays an important role in the interpretation of a dream as well. If you dream of empty bedroom, it is a sign of hype in money matters. But if a bedroom is fully equipped with furniture, such dream promises success in business and in all kinds of endeavors.

Anyways, regardless to the positive or negative interpretation of the dream you shouldn’t panic and despair. After all, a dream is just a warning, and a method to prevent undesirable events in each specific life. A dreamer with own intuition is able to avoid possible danger. But pay attention to the fact that dreams do not always carry the warning information. After all, a bad dream is often the result of stress and fatigue, and a good dream, in turn, simply indicates the inner peace of the dreamer.

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