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Beef - Meaning of Dream

Beef in the dream, it's not a positive symbol, so it is better to take care of own health, otherwise serious illness can’t be avoided. You should also be careful in the cold season, as injuries, cuts and bruises are not excluded.

If you dream of beef with the blood, and you touch the meat, it means that you should be prepared for a serious disease, which will make you stay in a hospital bed for several months. Boiled beef is a harbinger of losses; and well-done, on the contrary, promises family happiness and prosperity.

If a person in a dream is eating raw beef, soon he/she will receive unexpected news, which will make to suddenly change the mind about some friends.

For a woman, such dream, foretells unpleasant moments in life related to her husband.

If you eat tasty beef, you will have new acquaintances, who will be very nice people.

To buy beef on the market, means troubles at work, maybe some of your colleagues will tell unpleasant things about you.

For a woman, the dream with beef is a harbinger of disease of some relative.

Rotten beef, for men, promises trouble in business; and for women, it portends a quarrel with a friend.

If a teenager had a dream about beef, in the future he/she will face turmoil; for an elderly man, this dream, promises visit of relatives.

If you dream of beef of a black color, it means that you will not be able to avoid serious illness; but if it is eaten by someone else, it means that close relative will get ill. Also this dream is a warning of intentional poisoning, so you should not eat everything what people treat you with, as they may have bad intentions.

If you select beef on the market, but you do not buy it, it means that you will be able to avoid the disease.

If you give to a relative a piece of beef, in reality your relative will be very sick, and you will have to look after him.

To dream how your worst enemy buys beef, in reality he/she will have a serious illness, but you should not rejoice too much, because after his/her recovery, this person will accuse you in crime.

According to Lohff dream book, after such dream, a person will be sick for 3 weeks; the same opinion has Miller. But, Dr. Freud has a different view, and bodes very unpleasant relationships that will end up in scandal. Nostradamus warns about the epidemic, which will cover the city in which a dreamer lives, and the culprit of the disaster will be a biological weapon. If you believe the modern downers, the beef, is a harbinger of health problems that can’t be solved quickly.

If you buy beef with mold in the store, then in reality you have to pay attention to what you eat. Since the food bought on the street can put you in a hospital bed, and there is a possibility of food poisoning.

Beef is not a good omen, but a dream, it is only a warning, and every person can change the future, so you should examine the interpretation of this image and take appropriate measures to avoid negativity.

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