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Beet - Meaning of Dream


Beet in the dream is a symbol of the news, events, hassle and harvest.

Dreaming with beets, like any other dream, you should treat depending on the events that occurred during sleep, as well as its context. In addition, the value of dreams in which you are dreaming of beets, depends on a man or woman who had a dream, and the age of the person. Thus, to properly understand what beets mean you must consider all these factors.

If a young girl is dreaming of beets, then soon she will have a pleasant surprise from a fan, or some good news. For a married woman, dreamed beet, means that she will miss some benefit.

For a young guy, beet in the dream foretells regret. This feeling may be a consequence of the act, which he did not commit, but always thinks that he could have done it, and everything would have been different.

If an adult man is dreaming of beets, it means that soon he will meet with the woman, who will be able to satisfy his desires.

If you dream of salad of beets, it means that you will succeed in some affairs very soon. If you see an entire field sown with beet, soon after a long hard work you will experience prosperity.

If you collect beets in the dream, it means that you will be tortured or tormented by doubts about you deeds and affairs.

White beets in a dream can mean danger or health problems. In the dream you see a beetroot of white color, it is a warning that soon you will be in a risky situation.

Red beet, on the contrary, portends recovery or promotion, or joyful news and events in your life. If you see a yellow beetroot, be prepared for a chase.

Dreaming of beet, which lies in the messy dish, it means unpleasant troubles and bad news in reality.

If in the dream you feed animals with beets, it means that soon somebody will offer you successful business in professional activities.

To cut beets in a dream means a quick separation from close and dear people.

If you see growing beets in the field in a dream, it is a prognostic of a good harvest.

The dream, in which you are planting beets, means that in reality you are trying to earn a lot of money or start a new business plan, which will help you to get a good profit.

To eat beetroot in the dream means that you might be trapped in unexpected situation.

If you gather harvest of beetroot, it means that in future you will be a perfect owner.

In the dream you peel beetroot the dream means that somebody will laugh at you. If you prepare a salad from beetroot your affairs and deal will be managed easily.

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