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Belfry - Meaning of Dream

A high church belfry in a dream portends upcoming fatalities or serious illness which will permanently deprive you of vitality and become the cause of the decline in your affairs. You won’t be powerful enough to prevent troubles on your own. You need to take actions, by which you will be able to maintain own well-being during the disaster.

If in a dream you climbed the upper level of the bell tower and stood near the bell, it indicates that fate has prepared serious difficulties in business and in personal relationships, but you will honorably overcome all the obstacles that arise in your way. A feeling of happiness in the heart and success in business will be the reward for victory.

A dream as if you fell from the bell tower, on the contrary, is a bad sign that promises health problems and not lucrative commercial deals.

If you dreamed as if you jumped from a high belfry, it tells that your rash acts made to harm someone will have very disastrous consequences - you will suffer big mischief and will lose the respect of your friends.

A destroyed or ruined bell tower is an omen of misfortune that will happen in foreseeable future with some of your close friend. In some cases, this dream could spell quarrels with friends and mutual disappointment in love relationship.

According to Miller, if you dream of Christmas night and see a church verger ringing the bells on the belfry, this is a sign of bright prospects in important matters. For people involved in farming and agriculture, this dream is a harbinger of a good harvest and good deals; for businessmen – this is an expansion and significant profit.

If a young man sees himself in the bell tower in the holy day, this is a good sign, indicating the implementation of the dreams and successful choice of life path.