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Bell - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you ring the door bell, heralds positive information and sudden change of events. For a young girl, this dream is an omen of upcoming wedding ceremony.

A dream, in which you hear the phone ringing, indicates your moral fatigue and a strong desire for privacy at the weekend. Another interpretation of the dream states that in the near future you will discover a talent of an agent, who can successfully solve complex situations.

If in a dream you suddenly hear the bell ringing, it tells that after deliberation in a bitter struggle with doubt and indecision, you will venture for some action, which won’t succeed.

A doorbell mostly promises the pleasant news, but sometimes it tells about the disease of a relative.

If you heard the door bell ringing and you opened the door but you didn’t see anyone, it heralds joint activities with the unfamiliar person. In the process of managing your business you will experience the mutual suspicion.

If you hear the alarm clock ringing, you will have good weekend, which you will spend in a pleasant company. The days which you should devote for relaxation will be fully spent.

If you rang the door bell of your friend, but he didn’t open, in reality you will be disappointed with the inefficiency and unreliability of your colleagues.

A postman, who rings your door bell, portends the arrival of sudden visitors.

If you were in the theater and heard the bell ringing “last call”, in reality you care about own popularity at the expense of other people.

In Miller’s dream book a doorbell has the same meaning as modern dream book states: unexpected news, unforeseeable turn of events, family illness.