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Belladonna - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see yourself picking up berries or leaves of belladonna, in real life be ready for betrayal of a close person.

If you eat products of belladonna, it indicates your material instability.

According to the dream interpreter, belladonna is a symbol of prosperity and favorable financial issues.

In love dream interpreter, a dream with belladonna means that you gave up too early. You stop fighting for your beloved one. Soon you will get to know that you have competitors. But be relaxed: your partner with refuse flirting with silly naïve girls and will make a right choice.

If you dream that you walk in a forest and you see bushes of belladonna, it means that in reality you will face with deception and lies. If you dream of belladonna on Tuesday night, it means that you will have to lie.

Belladonna is also a sign of heart disease. To dream of a plant or to drink a medicine made ​​from belladonna is a signal of your body that your heart is not all right.

Belladonna means that your well-thought-out actions will bring success in commercial sphere. A woman will have rivals, but all their efforts to win the fan will be put in vain.

To eat belladonna in a dream is a sign of poverty and inability to pay out old debts.