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Belly - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of own belly, the modern dream book interprets it as an extremely good omen that predicts that very soon you'll choose from a wide range of perspectives and opportunities. You have to examine them meticulously and opt for what are vital. And remember, in this situation you can’t just passively drift, otherwise you will miss the window of opportunity. Do not delay, start to act immediately, this favorable opportunity appears only once and you might be very upset if you do not use it.

If you dream of a wrinkled and flabby belly, this dream warns: you should look more closely at the people around you, some of them slander.

Swollen belly is not a good sign, predicting minor hardship; much worse, if you noticed blood on the belly. It predicts misfortune or tragedy with your close relatives.

A dreaming of a belly without a belly button bodes that you might experience a serious shock, which will be very difficult to recover. For women, such a dream is a herald of death or fatal disease of a beloved husband.

If you are expecting a baby, but you saw a dream where you do not have a belly, do not worry, this is a good symbol. Pregnancy will proceed without complications and you will give birth to a healthy baby. A dreaming as if your baby is suffering from abdominal pain, is a warning to check your child’s hygiene in real life.

Miller interpreted a belly as upcoming good prospects. But to make it become true, you shouldn’t relax, and work hard. Forget about fun and enjoyment, it can only harm you.

For many people, a dream about a big belly is a herald of success and prosperity. If you happen to see a cut in the belly, and someone put different stuff inside so it becomes large, this dream portends a long period of prosperity, acquisition of wealth, and obtaining of the desired. But these improvements will not be painless.

For a man, a dreaming about own fat belly heralds the receipt of awards, honor and glory. If you see that a big belly is cut, and bowels fall out, it forebodes that strangers will know about your personal or family secrets. If some other stuff falls out of the belly, it bodes that you risk losing your property.

Huge belly may also symbolize the desire to indulge in vices and sensual pleasures. If a man had a dream as if he is pregnant and has a big belly, this dream promises upcoming creative ascent, and the birth of genius (or successful) ideas.

For a woman, a dreaming about a man with a big belly is a herald of a favorable marriage. For a man, to see a big belly of a pregnant wife is a big profit, and beneficial transactions.