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Beret - Meaning of Dream

If you dream that you are walking on the street wearing a beret, it means that in reality you will receive pleasant news.

If you see someone else wearing a beret, no matter you know this person or it is a stranger, it is a harbinger of a difficult situation. Soon you will encounter enemies’ actions, which will be directed against you. In order to destroy your reputation, they will likely resort to slander. The saddest thing is that the rumors are spread by people who are dear to you.

Beret in a dream book by Miller is interpreted as you undesired to let your friends know about some of the events of your life. Probably, you are afraid of publicity of your behavior, which took place in the past. Perhaps this applies to bad habits.

If you dream that a beret size doesn’t fit you well and you feel uncomfortable in it, this dream may be a sign of future health problems, headaches.

Artist in a beret traditionally performing his activity is a sign of your disappointment with people of art. You will suddenly find out the wrong side of their lifestyle.

To see people or one person wearing beret warns you about danger, there is a lot of evil intentions and envy around you.

For a lady, to see herself in a bright beret means that she will meet a boyfriend. Also it is a sign of a vain attempt to change financial state.

To try on a beret which you like and realize that you don’t have enough money to buy it – means that very soon you will be surprised.

To see a beret with decorations means that you behave like a smart and comic, but jokes with your performance don’t amuse anybody.