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Betrayal - Meaning of Dream

As in real life, in the dreams people are concerned about issues related to marital fidelity. In connection with this, dreamers often have the question why they dream of betrayal of the loved ones.

The dreams about adultery, infidelity or dishonesty always cause people ardent interest and show that they should pay more attention to their current family relationship. After such a dream, a person should begin to communicate more efficiently with the present soul mate and strive to develop and improve those relationships. It is also necessary to try to achieve a mutual understanding. Such dreams can help a person understand the issues of family loyalty and affection between husband and wife.

Many dream books tell that so-called "treacherous dreams" cause people’s anger or disappointment. They think that the appearance of these dreams is quite logical and justified and it corresponds to the nature of their mates. Moreover, the dreamers subsequently feel a sense of worthlessness, feel moral dissatisfaction and depression. This is another reason to revise own family life.

In the dreams about betrayal, it is necessary to pay attention to the circumstances under which it happened. If a person dreams of a stranger as a sexual partner, this dream can carry much more personal and have a completely different interpretation. It is possible that subconscious mind is trying to tell a dreamer something about the relationship with an individual of the opposite sex that depends precisely on a dreamer; the dream gives clues about the nature of addiction for betrayal and dishonesty in relationships.

Also a betrayal of a sweetheart can be a kind of a warning for a dreamer that shows the need to be more selective in choosing partners for privacy.

If you betray your wife (husband) or a partner in love relationship, it could mean your internal disposition to do that in real life. Therefore, you should be more careful with your actions in the future, not to destroy your relationships with a loved one just for a few minutes of treacherous pleasure. After all, the further relationship with your partner is unlikely to be good, under such conditions.

Quite often these dreams are seen by a person, who feels the emotional uncertainty and has difficulties in life. A dream about betrayal on the part of your soul mate, tells that in real life you suspect him/her of untruthfulness. Such dreams also predict the opportunity to check the fidelity of your partner. Chances are that a partner will prove his/her loyalty, or you will be disappointed with your love for a lifetime.

According to the statistics of the leading night dreams interpreters, the dream about betrayal is one of the twelve most common dreams. In many cases, these dreams make people think about their honesty in a relationship. Often they suffer remorse and guilt about committing treason. It is also worth thinking about frankness of a loved one. After all, this dream may reflect the reality.

Own infidelity in a dream may herald the upcoming "dirty" financial transactions, and infidelity of a partner can predict future problems due to the loss of money and/or bankruptcy.

If you happen to see the betrayal of your partner in a dream not once, this can only reflect your fear of being left alone in real life.

If you dream as if your wife (husband) is cheating on you, it could mean that you pay not enough attention to him/her and you rarely communicate. Therefore, it is important to focus on the preserving hearth and home. It is necessary to work on mutual trust, respect your partner, and try to correct your own shortcomings.