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Bicycle - Meaning of Dream


Bicycle is a favorite transport for many children and adults. In the dreams bicycle symbolizes prospects and development. But what are your real prospects and desires? You will know after you interpret your dream.

For example, if on the eve of an important transaction you dreamed that you roll down on the bike, this dream hints that it is better to postpone the transaction at a later date. But if you didn’t drop the wheel and did not panic, and masterfully control the bike, feel free to negotiate a contract.

Ride a bicycle uphill, means magnificent prospects. If you simply, ride a bike without efforts, it means that you do your job without any pleasure.

If a woman dreams that she rides downhill the mountain on a bicycle, it means that she should give as few as possible reasons for rumors and gossip.

You dream that you ride on someone else's bike it means that very often you take credit for good outcomes.

If you see a stolen bicycle, it means that you will have a secret meeting, which you will hide from people around you.

To fall of the bicycle in a dream, it means that you will end in a fiasco in personal love affairs.

If you are riding a bike slowly, then in reality you will be bothered by many unimportant issues.

A dream in which you just see the bike, symbolizes unpleasant conversations with government officials.

If you dream that you overtake another cyclist, it means that soon you will gain the victory in an important dispute or question.

Esoteric dream book interpret the riding on a bicycle in a dream, as subconscious desire to move forward.

If you dream that you fell off the bike, then got up and started again, it means that your will to win is unwavering. Accordingly, nothing can stop you from managing your plans in practice.

If you ride the creaking bike in a dream, it symbolizes remorse for words or deeds which you have committed.

If you ride a bike in the rain in a dream, it means that you will receive a pleasant surprise from a loved one.

If the bike is new and beautiful, this dream indicates that you can completely rely on own strength, as all plans and ideas will come true. But used or broken bike, doesn’t promise any good prospects, and it is necessary to lower own activity.

Biking in a dream can mean that a person is not entirely happy with his career and possibly performs own duties rather mechanically, without satisfaction in the process. Such a person is advised to rest a little and take a breath, and then make a sober assessment of the situation. Perhaps, then he/she will be able to find a source of inspiration, and if not, it is worth of changing their job or occupation.

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