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Bijouterie - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of bijouterie received as a gift, it means that you are struggling to draw the attention of people around you. The reason for this behavior lies in your loneliness and absence of demand. It is not necessary to shock people with extravagant antics, better try to behave naturally and then you will get noticed and appreciated.

Jewelry or bijouterie, which appeared in your dream on Sunday or Saturday night, represents your strong desire to enjoy a minute of happiness, which you will have after such a dream. You will move all your tomorrow's problems in the farthest corner of your consciousness and will dissolve completely in the present.

If you bought beautiful bijouterie and wear it on yourself, this dream predicts troubles related to the machinations of the so-called "friends".

If you see yourself presenting jewelry to a woman at night on Wednesday or Thursday, this is an alert: be ready for real "duel" with the enemy.

Bijouterie, in a dream book by Miller, worn on a stranger, means that in the coming weeks you will have a great time at fun party, where you will meet a charming representative of the opposite sex, moreover your sympathy will rather quickly grow into a passionate affair.

Bijouterie worn during a dream, means that you have a certain tendency to exaggerate your own dignity. If you received it as a present, this dream foretells success in business or professional life.

If you presented to someone, it means that you will assume reckless luxuries. If you dream that lost your bijouterie it is an evil dream, heralding the loss of a loved one. It is possible that you will miss a good time and do not use the chance to significantly improve your financial position. Admiring the beautiful and non-trivial bijouterie means that you should reconsider your priorities in life. It seems that you have an idle existence and do not think about the future, and it never ends up well.

Bijouterie according to the dream interpreter means fraud and deceit.

If in a dream your beloved one presents you bijouterie – be careful, he is not honest with you.

In a dream you receive bijouterie instead of gold, it means that you want to stand out in the eyes of others.

In a dream you present bijouterie to somebody – be ready for competition. If you present bijouterie to a young person – you will get victory over somebody.

If you are wearing bijouterie in a dream, soon there will appear a person who will help and support you.

To buy bijouterie in a dream means that you will meet a greedy man.