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Biker - Meaning of Dream

If a biker bursts into your dream with a loud rumbling motorcycle wearing a leather jacket and a bandana on his head, it foretells you changes in lifestyle.

If you were a dashing biker, this dream indicates your particular ability to make innovative and original desigions solutions.

If you suddenly found yourself in a group of bikers who behaved very unfriendly and even aggressive towards you, it means that in real life your business will be in a mess, and your boss will no longer trust you.

If bikers reacted favorably to your appearance, it means that you will successfully solve all the difficulties.

If a biker had an accident and got injured, it means that you will gain confidence in own abilities.

If a girl dreamed about passionate love affair with a brutal biker, in reality she will meet a man who will prefer wealth over intellectual values.

Biker in the dream book by Miller represents your friend who is going to draw you into a risky adventure, the consequences of which will cost you a lot.

If you were driving a powerful bike, it's an auspicious dream, which promises you life changes that will unexpectedly surprise you. The higher your speed was, the greater will be the change.

If you fell off the bike and strongly injured yourself, you have to be ready for trouble and misery.

If someone else rode a bike, it means that a new acquaintance will greatly influence your life. He/she will help you to become more adventurous and active.

If you admired a great bike racing on a road, it means that future events will push you to a fundamental revision of priorities in life.

If you see a column of bikers in the night city, you will be tired of conventionalities in the world around you. You will try to prove that you establish yourself as a person.

To be a witness of an accident in which a biker died means that you are not confident in your abilities and strength.

If you drive an expensive nice bike, in reality you are inclined to original decisions.