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Billiard - Meaning of Dream


Dreams, in which you saw billiard table, billiard ball, or participate in a game of billiards can be interpreted quite differently, depending on the sleep of the whole plot. This dream can predict success in business, bright feeling and maybe warn about the problems in the area ​​life, and possible erroneous steps.

If you see billiards in your dream, it means that you might violate the law; perform the wrong, illegal actions; it is a sign of litigation in court; problems in relationships and deceit of friends.

A dream, in which you see the game of billiards and participated in it, usually means your desire to violate or circumvent the law. This may be a direct warning of the danger that threatens you as a result of these wrong actions; and it might push you to ​​the right solution after all.

If you dream of a billiard ball it indicates your bad relationships with others; and deceit of friends.

To dream of a billiard table, it means a danger of losing friends and loved ones; to deception and intrigue; for luck in love. Such dreams often indicate potential problems in the relationship with your friends.

If in your dream you saw an empty pool table with billiard balls on it, the dream foretells you cheats, errors of friends, and betrayal from anyone of them.

If you played billiards and even have won, this dream foretells you a victory in all your endeavors, and speedy overthrow of enemies.

If somebody tried to cheat you while playing billiards, it means that you should be wary of fake people who are able to deceive.

Dreams are very interesting phenomenon that scientists have been studying for thousands of years. But in fact, in almost every dream that a person can memorize after a night it is possible to find useful information. Interpretation of the dream is a fun and entertaining process, and most importantly, with the help of them we can avoid troubles in life, be prepared for different turns of events.

For example, you can easily interpret what billiard means if you see it in the dream.

So, some downers say, that playing a game of billiards, means that in real life you will be disappointed or offended by someone.

Unfortunately, joyful dream in which you constantly win during the game, in reality indicates business stagnation, and unsuccessful attempts to get rich.

If you dreamed of a game in which you lose and the opponent openly rejoice about this fact, it means that in reality you will soon experience success in own business. If on the contrary, you are happy about his lost, the dream promises you peace and tranquility at home, in the family, and at work.

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