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Binge - Meaning of Dream

If the binge is over, it has almost the same meaning in reality – you will get a grip of yourself. Probably soon you will have some event that will knock you from a normal course of life. Due to your strength and optimism you will cope with your inner feelings and will overcome a difficult situation.

The answer to the question why a woman dreams of her husband’s binge is unambiguous. She will have to suffer the upcoming betrayal. Perhaps, it has already happened and in a few days the wife will receive the bad news from someone in her surroundings.

If a woman is a heavy drinker in a dream, it is likely her sweetheart has a love affair with her friend. Probably, he doesn’t have enough attention and care, so he seeks for solace outside.

The binge in a dream indicates that a person has chosen the wrong path in life. If you dream of someone of your relatives suffering from the binge, it indicates that you experience the feeling of resentment towards them. Perhaps soon a close person will accidentally hurt your feelings. It will be possible to avoid a confrontation, if you carefully listen to your opponent. Most likely, the quarrel is worthless, so do not attach too much importance to the words of the offender.

If you dream that the binge lasts more than one day, then someone in the family is in serious danger. Be sure to warn your loved ones of the threat/danger, henceforth he/she will be more careful.

If the binge is over, it signals of unexpected success in life. Perhaps in reality a person stopped hoping for a positive outcome of the affairs. However, soon he/she will get good news and will be able to safely finish all the undertakings.

If you suffer in a dream from heavy drinking, and your health condition is very poor, then in reality you might face some obstacles at work. Possibly, your business rivals will actively begin to put a spoke in the wheel, so you need to be ready to rebuff their attacks.

If you meet a drunkard on the street in your dream, it tells that you experience some difficulties in communication with people. Be careful, do not withdraw into yourself and do not avoid other’s company. If you treat people with heart and soul, soon you will have a lot of true friends.