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Birch - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see a birch with catkins, this dream forecasts you a rich life. If you don’t see catkins – in real life you will be poor.

To see a green birch is a good sign. You will live without troubles and diseases.

Blooming birch in your dream is a prognostic of pleasant events in future.

If you plant a birch in a dream, you will be a master of your own happiness.

If you see yellow leaves on a birch – beware, you might fall ill in the nearest future. Also it is sign of serious disease of some of your relatives.

If a birch is swinging with wind – you will need to support some of your relatives very soon.

If you slake yourself with a birch juice – you and some of your relatives will recover from diseases.

To be slapped with a birch broom in sauna – means luck. You will get rid of envy people and troubles.

To see a single birch in a dream means that you will have good income and will make a new purchase. Also it means that some woman has a big interest towards your personality.

A birch without leaves symbolizes separation with beloved person and loss of faith.

A dream, where you walk in a birch grove, means that you have sincere people around you, you can ask help from them any time you need.

To see a broken birch is a bad sign. There will be a serious disease, accident or even death of one of your relatives.

For a young lady, to see such a dream means that she will have a romantic date, which will cause only pleasant emotions. For a woman, such a dream means an intimate date with untutored and trusting person.

A birth in man’s dream is a symbol of hidden desire to spend time in the company of a virgin.

Birch in a dream means that you have enemies in life, but you have enough power to successfully fight them and manage difficult situation with pride.